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The Beartooth Café is located in Cooke City, Montana. Cooke City is just 4 miles from the North East Entrance to Yellowstone National Park and is surrounded by the Custer National Forest, the Gallatin National Forest, and the Shoshone National Forest; not to mention millions of acres of wilderness area. The Beartooth Mountain Range, after which the Beartooth Café is named, provides unlimited hiking, horseback riding, fishing, camping, photography, wildlife, and scenic opportunities. The streams within 5 - 35 minutes of the Beartooth Café include the Lamar River, Soda Butte Creek, the Yellowstone River, the wild and scenic Clark’s Fork River, and Slough Creek. Each of these streams are famous fishing destinations and offer a variety of trout species including native cut throats, rainbow, and eastern brookies. In addition to the streams, the surrounding mountains are filled with literally hundreds of alpine lakes which are home to cuts, grayling, brookies, and even goldens. Wildlife is abundant both in and out of the Park. Travelers can realistically expect to see, from a safe distance, Elk, Buffalo, Moose, Deer, Antelope, Grizzly Bear, Black Bear, and Wolves. You should bring either a viewing telescope or binoculars.  




Some of the most beautiful and scenic country in the world is accessible from any of the three main routes to Cooke City: up and over the Beartooth Pass, along the Chief Joseph Scenic Highway, or though the Lamar Valley in Yellowstone Park. The Beartooth Pass starts just South of Red Lodge, Montana on Highway 212. The Pass traverses the Beartooth Plateau, passes by dozens of alpine lakes, climbs above timberline, and reaches elevations of nearly 11,000 feet. The Pass is officially listed as one of the10 most scenic Highways in the World and offers views unlike any other. From Red Lodge to Cooke City is only 68 miles, but travelers should allow themselves at least two hours to enjoy the trip and once in a lifetime views. The Beartooth Pass is usually open from Memorial Day to October 15. Information can be received from the NE Gate at 1-307-838-2300.  
The Chief Joseph Scenic Highway (also known as the Sunlight Basin Road) is an alternative Route to Cooke City which also offers awesome views and opportunities to see wildlife as it traverses Dead Indian Pass and, for many miles, parallels the beautify Clark’s Fork River Canyon. The Chief Joseph Scenic Highways begins at the intersection of Wyoming State Highway 120 and Highway 296, 19 miles North of Cody. The trip over Chief Joseph to Cooke City is about 65 miles and can be easily completed in 90 minutes. In fact, many people enjoy traveling to Cooke City over the Beartooth Pass, having a nice meal at the Beartooth Café and then returning to Red Lodge or Cody via the Chief Joseph Scenic Highway. This "loop" makes for a day of stunning beauty that is breathtaking and memorable.  
Finally, there is Yellowstone Park. Many visitors to the Park make plans to leave through the North East Gate, just 4 miles from Cooke City, MT. The road to Cooke City out of the Park is commonly referred to as the Lamar River Valley Road. The road begins at Tower Junction in the Park which is north of Canyon Village and South of Mammoth Hot Springs. The distance from Tower Junction to Cooke City through the Lamar Valley is 29 miles. The highway runs adjacent to the Lamar River until its confluence with Soda Butte Creek and then it continues along Soda Butte Creek all the way to Cooke City. The choice of many Park visitors is to leave the Park via the Lamar Valley and Cooke City and travel the Beartooth Pass to Red Lodge and Billings where they can access Interstate 90 and 94 to all points West, East, and South. Whether you chose the Beartooth Pass, Chief Joseph Scenic Highway, the Lamar Valley, or some combination of all three, we hope to see you for lunch, dinner, and a drink at the Beartooth Café  




For more information about Cooke City and the surrounding area visit the Cooke City Chamber of Commerce.
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