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Open from late May to late September, the Beartooth Café in Cooke City, Montana, sits squarely in the heart of Soda Butte Valley amidst some of the most spectacular views in the Beartooth Mountains. Travelers from around the world as well as many colorful locals have enjoyed the awesome presence of Pilot and Index Peaks, Republic Peak, and Rams Pasture while eating lunch or dinner on “The Deck.”

The Café is a beautiful old log structure consistent with the rugged feel of the Absaroka Beartooth Wilderness of surrounding Cooke City. The inside of the Café offers an enjoyable experience with a decor including everything from antique beers signs to mining artifacts. We have fine art by local artists and photographs of past employees and customers. The beer cooler housing over 130 beers from almost as many breweries, is itself worth a look and a sample! All of this is wrapped up into a cozy atmosphere of music, laughter, and good cheer. We are an establishment that is not only a restaurant, but a destination.

Opening Hours

Call For Reservations

Sunday to Tuesday


Friday to Saturday


Scott and Vicki Denniston

The owners of the Beartooth Café are as diverse (but not as interesting) as the employees. Scott and Vicki Denniston have worked in every position at the Café since 1997 and, six years ago, realized a long held dream of ownership. Scott is also the general manager of the Café and none of what happens there could happen without him. Seemingly without fail, Scott can tell you a little about every one of the beverages we offer. He absolutely loves coffee, and, being an avid fan of CoffeeHustle.org blog, he is an expert in everything concerning coffee brewing.

Weekly Deals

Investigationes demonstraverunt lectores


( Labore et dolore )
Oatmeal Apples
$34 $26


( Semonstraverunt )
Soft shell crab
$130 $90


( Incididunt ut labore )
Miso chicken
$30 $20


( Adipisicing elit )
Fish pie
$61 $44

Scott has a B.A. in Communications from Shepherd University in West Virginia, a skill he uses on an hourly basis in Café management! Scott came to Cooke City and worked at the café for numerous summers before marrying a local gal and settling in the town. Scott is also a talented musician and member of the local band, the Bannock Trailers who frequently perform in the Cooke City area.


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